Friend Referral Promotion 1 一 Sportsbook/Live Casino/Electronic Games

Refer a friend to bet on sports/live casino/electronic games, and the introducer will get 0.8% Commission or 20% share!

Introducer Share 20%
Date Member Win/Loss Bonus Company Win/Loss Share Ratio Calculation
Example 1:
1st Week (All Members) -5000 +500 +4500 20% Company Win/Loss +4500 x 20% = + $900(share)
Example 2:
1st Week (All Members) +3000 -3000 20% Company Win/Loss -3,000,Accumulate to next week
2nd Week (All Members) -5000 +500 4500 20% Company Win/Loss +4,500 – 3,000 x 20% = + $300(share)
Introducer Commission 0.8%
Game Type Commission Ratio Example
Sportsbook 0.8% Commission 0.8% = Valid Bet Amount 100,000 x 0.8% = 800(share)
Live Casino
Electronic Games

This offer is calculated on a weekly basis and ends every Monday at 12:00pm (GMT +8:00) to every Monday at 11:59am (GMT +8:00).

Introducer share 20% / Introducer 0.8% Commission, Introducer can only choose one of them as his Introducer’s share.

Introducer Commission 0.8% = calculation example: (valid bet amount x Commission 0.8% ) = commission share.

Only if the company wins, the introducer can receive 20% share dividends, and the results of the players’ weekly wins and losses will be aggregated to the next week for settlement.

Any accumulated negative income(company’s loss) will be carried over to the next week.

The share Commission is calculated accordingly from the total win & loss of all of the introducer’s members.

Entitled promotion will be deducted from weekly earnings settlement.

These entitled promotion may include the following:

Promotional Bonus – The total monetary bonus or rebate given to the member.

Example of Share’s Calculation: (Company Income – Bonuses) X Share % = Share Commission

For example: the total profit of the company is 120,000, and the member bonus/promotional bonus is 20,000.

(120,000-20,000) x 20% share = 20,000 (share commission)

Introducers who introduce friends to bet on sportsbook/live casino/electronic game bets can enjoy 0.8% Commission or 20% share.

Settlement every week.

If the introduce’s friend loses, the introducer can enjoy 20% share; if the introducer’s friend wins, the company will pay winnings to the member.

Members must be eligible for the promotion.

The management team may modify, cancel or withdraw any promotion at any time without notice.

The management team reserves the right to restrict or deny certain members the right to participate in this or any other event.

This promotion is only valid for SGD and MYR currencies.

All tie bets, cancelled or void bets, or bets on two opposite sides will not count towards the rollover.

Sporting odds below -0.6/0.6 or 1.60 (decimal odds), odd/even numbers will not be counted in the calculation of any rollover requirements.

Promotion is limited to 1 person/family/account/IP address. (All winnings may be forfeited if there is any collusion or use of multiple accounts.)

General terms and conditions apply.

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