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JRTBET based in Asia Region - Singapore is partner to China’s huge gaming website - BOXUN. Nevertheless, BOXUN Members in Singapore can play and bet on any gaming sites that we or our partners offer. We are home to some of the best gaming products and an array of world class online betting games. Experience the difference today by accessing to gaming websites from all around the world when you join us today! Our main partner BOXUN and us JRTBET will provide you with the best service possible when you bet with websites that promote their products & services on our platform. JRTBET is certainly one of the top leading licensed affiliate agency in Asia.
Kindly use the Live Chat / WhatsApp/ Telegram / Wechat. Or Contact our customer service representatives for more details, Thank You.
Welcome Asia countries to advertise gaming, casino, sportsbook, agents’ websites on our gaming website platform. (For marketing and advertising rates, kindly contact our customer service representatives for further details.
The websites on our gaming platform, JRTBET will allow our Agents, Partners, Customers win & lose bets, to count directly with JRTBET. We can provide credits to our Agents, Partners. We will also open betting accounts for our respective members.